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ประเด็น: ZERO 10X in SEATTLE

เนื้อหา: @revrides USA took a couple of ZERO 10Xs and rode through Seattle. Heres a beautiful video compilation of how it turned out. DO not try this at home!

#zero10x #zeroscooters #zeroscooter #zeroemissions

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1064 คนได้เข้าชม และในนั้นมี 38 คนถูกใจการรีวิวนี้

แหล่งที่มา: ยูทูบ อัพโหลดโดย Falcon PEV

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  1. RE: Your note at the beginning to ride with respect for pedestrians: I was riding my scooter today along a bike path at a normal speed (about 15mph or so…maybe 13) and a middle aged guy on a bicycle riding next to his (I presume) wife going the other direction flips me off. I did nothing. I was not in his lane. I was not riding at 40 miles per hour, I made no gesture at them, I said nothing…I was just cruising on by and I get the finger (no mistaking it, he held out his arm and held the gesture). There was no one else within 100 feet and he made eye contact so it was definitely me. WTF was that all about? I am completely baffled.

    I make a point to ride respectfully of others. I don't want to be the guy that ruins it for everyone else. Gotta say though it is hard sometimes. Some people out there are dicks no matter what you are doing.

    I enjoy your videos. My only "complaint" (actually a wish) is they were longer. Not enough of a good thing. 🙂


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