How To Install Replace Auto Carpet Car Truck Van SUV Vehicle


This is very interesting to watch, How To Install Replace Auto Carpet Car Truck Van SUV Vehicle.

This is a follow up video to my original one. After much popular demand, I wanted to make this to outline the step by step procedure of how I did it in my 90s model Chevy suburban k1500. This was the easiest , cheapest , and in my opinion best way I have found to replace your carpet in your vehicle. There are many ways to do this task, and every vehicle is different, however I tried to include as much universal information as I could while still not having an overly long video. For many reasons that I’ve learned in the past, I decided just to show the interior while narrating the instructions, this seems to be the preferred way people like to see How to videos and DIY guides because you see the whole thing in great detail but the audio is free of unnecessary noises, just clean clear speech. The decision to make this was after the fact, which is why I don’t have video of me actually doing it, but trust me, if I could do it and figure it out myself with no help, ANYBODY can. Especially with a video to help ya out!. ANY QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, OR CONCERNS ARE WELCOME. I will try to respond in a timely manner to anything you guys need. This task is totally doable , cheap, and the results are quite nice! Don’t worry and don’t overthink it, just have faith in yourself, customize the job to your wants and needs, and get that cruddy carpet out and put in nice new stuff! You will be so happy when you’re done. I’ve had mine in for a few years, and LOVE it. In fact I like it more than the original factory carpet!! Don’t pay huge amounts for somebody else to do it, or leave your car looking bad. Do it yourself! My cost was 60 dollars or so for the carpet, but sometimes you can find free carpet! Even if you use high quality stuff, padding, and replace all the hardware, etc I’d say the MOST you’d pay is a few hundred dollars! Compared to 1-2 THOUSAND to have a pro replace it. No matter how you choose to do it, the savings is immense. Good luck, you can do it! The feeling of accomplishment and saving all that money will be worth it.

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van car How To Install Replace Auto Carpet Car Truck Van SUV Vehicle




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